About mining machine

Passion Progress Limited deals with ASIC type and GPU type mining machines.

Currently, publicly available mining machines are as follows.

List of mining machines of ASIC type

Mining machine of ASIC type, low power consumption mining machine. Because the size of the machine is small, it is possible to install more machines if there is only space of fixed size. However, if you move the mining machine, it will produce a reasonable working sound.

■ Passion Miner 1 (P1)

PassionMiner 1 is an ASIC type mining machine which OEM produced for the first time in Japanese capital. The assumed hash is 640 Mh / s.


Mining currencyLTC(ライトコイン)、GAME(ゲームクレジット)、DGB(デジバイト)
power consumption800W
ChipAsic オリジナルChip
Assumed hash640Mh/s

List of mining machines of GPU type

GPU type mining machines can mined many encryption currencies. The sound when the machine is running is smaller than the ASIC type, which makes it attractive.

■ 5th Generation GPU

The fifth generation GPU is a mining machine equipped with NVIDIA P104-100. 8 GPUs are directly connected to the motherboard. It becomes a high-performance mining machine.


Mining currencyETH(イーサリアム)、ETC(イーサリアムクラシック)、ZEC(ゼットキャッシュ)、XMR(モネロ)
power consumption1440W
CPUIntel G3930
MotherboardGIGABYTE B250

■ Fourth Generation GPU

The 4th Generation GPU will be a mining machine with nine GPUs directly connected to the motherboard.


CPUIntel Celeron Processor 3215U
GPUGeforce GTX1060 6GB P106 MSI
memory4GB SSD:60GB

■ 3rd Generation GPU


The 3rd generation GPU is a GPU type mining machine storing the 2nd generation GPU in the building. Since it can be installed with less space than the 2nd Generation GPU, the mining efficiency per area has been increased.

■ Second Generation GPU


The 2nd Generation GPU is a mining machine which dramatically improved the mining efficiency compared with the primary GPU by using 6 GPUs.

■ First GPU

The first generation GPU is a mining machine possessing the minimal performance of mining.