About our company mining factory

Our company having mining farm in several places. 4 in Sichuan Province, China. 2 in Yunnan Province, China. 1 in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and 1 in Kuwait.They all in different appearance as the size of the building and location requirement are different. We will post some of the photos of factories. However, from the view of security, we can show only part of the photos.

The appearance of mining factory


Since heat is generated when the mining machine is operated, inside the mining factory a huge ventilation fan is installed so that air circulation can be secured.

Also, the rectangular shape of mining plant is actually help you to manage mining machines efficiently.

There are security guards are arranged at the entrance of the factory. So security is secured.

Inside the Mining factory


In the mining factory, the mining machines are installed on the shelf. Basically, mining machines in same row on the same shelf are sharing electricity from the same power supply. So even if the power supply is lost due to some trouble, it will only stop several machines only.


We optimize the number of mining machines installed for a certain area.

In the case of countries with many earthquakes like in Japan, we will adopt different installation methods, but since we do not have to consider the earthquakes at all, we can install mining machines at high shelf positions as well.


By the way, as a result of negotiating with a power company, we are able to purchase electricity at a very low price, so you can mining at a small cost if you mine in our factory.