Notice of exhibition at FIN / SUM × REG / SUM2018

Passion Progress Limited will be exhibiting at “FIN / SUM × REG / SUM 2018” which will be held in Tokyo on September 25 (Tue) – September 28 (2018).

On the day, we plan to exhibit various mining machines etc. We believe that we should be able to know about mining.

FIN/SUM × REG/SUM 2018 is a symposium on the cryptographic currency sponsored by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Financial Services Agency.



Conference name FIN/SUM × REG/SUM 2018
Date and time September 25 (Tue) – September 28 (Fri) of 2018
Venue 3 x 3 Lab Future, Tokyo Financial Village, Finorabo, Global Business Hub Tokyo, Marunouchi Building, Mitsubishi Building, Shin Marunouchi Building
Street address 1 – 2 Otemon Tower / JX Building, 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda – ku, Tokyo

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