The open demonstration of general purpose immersion mining machine first in Japan at Japan Blockchain Conference!

Passion Progress Limited, will show the real thing of immersion mining at the Japan Blockchain Conference (JCB) – TOKYO Round 2018, which will held at Tokyo.

【Japan Blockchain Conference(JCB)-TOKYO Round2018-】

Booth number: 58

The immersion mining system to be released this time is a substitute that can be used regardless of the type of mining machine.During the Conference, we are planning to operate 30 Antminer S9 which is a world famous mining machine inside our immersion mining system.


Also the latest mining machine (Zminer) will be made public for the first time in Japan.

Zminer is a mining machine boasting more than 10 times the performance of conventional mining machine and it is a machine that even if it is in current cryptocurrency price, it actually can generate mining of cryptocurrency with a value of 20% or more each month for the price of Zminer itself.

Start of Present campaign of mining machines

During the conference on Jun 26 (Tue) and Jun 27 (Wed), for whom visiting the booth of Passion Progress, will have a chance to join a (*1)lucky draw, 3 people will have a chance to get Antminer S9i as a gift for this campaign. People can participate the lucky draw by entering the campaign within the booth. Everyone can participate in the campaign regardless of individual or corporation.

(* 1) We will notify the winner of the lucky draw will be announced to the winner by telephone or email etc

Future prospects

Passion Progress Limited, operated more 10,000 mining machines multi-regionalization in China (Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region) for 5 farm and 1 farm in Kuwait, We will also start operating mining farm in Japan.

In Japan, we are also perparing to use the coming one-time deductible tax system(*2) on mining. And we will continue to offer sales of the above immersion mining system in the future.

Passion Progress Limited expanding its business speedily and aims to be a leading company in the mining industry.

(*2) Japan is 100% deductible in the present year, if it is overseas, it can also be amortized over 3 years (60% deductible for the 1st year)

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