Operation test of liquid immersion mining machine of ASIC and GPU in Tokyo!

Passion Progress Limited (Headquarters: Kowloon, Hong Kong, President: Tatsunori Furukawa) started the operation test of mining machines which using immersion technology as the next generation technology in mining industry.

About liquid immersion mining

Immersion technology is to operate a computer machine in an inert liquid (a liquid that does not pass electricity), and it is mainly used in the supercomputer industry.

Mining of cryptocurrency is a remarkable business that the major companies named as new businesses are also entering, but it is costly to cool down mining machines and also find a suitable place to operate, how to solve the problem of loud sound of the machine, aged deterioration of the machine and heat generated by mining We also have several problems at the same time.

However, by using liquid immersion technology, problems of space, noise , aged deterioration, cost of electricity can be solved.

The immersion mining of Passion Progress Limited

Passion Progress Limited has realized an immersion mining system that can handle any machine type by using its own immersion cooling technology.

To further increase versatility, we finished it in a system that can be installed even in a general office.

First of all, as a demonstration machine for commercialization, we are performing the operation test of the GPU machine and the original LTC ASIC machine * 1.

Based on the data obtained in this test, we will commercialize the original immersion system with optimized ASIC board and GPU.

Although we should have the operation test in-house, but to transmit timely and highly transparent information, we are planning to publicly announce the test* 2.

* 1: The guarantee for 3 years is granted to the mining machine regardless of GPU and ASIC.

* 2: Tours are scheduled to be carried out on a full reservation system after May 2, regardless of individuals or corporations.


About future prospects

Currently, about 10,000 mining machines are operating at a mining factory in China, but from now on, in May 2018 the operation start of a mining factory in the Middle East,which have boasting abundant and cheap electricity quantity.

We are also planning to construct a large mining factory in Japan that has a synergistic effect with tax saving effects etc.

With regard to immersion mining, we plan to start commercialization and operation at all plants in June.

Passion Progress Limited aims to be a leading company in the mining industry by expanding its business speedily.

Inquires of the immersion mining machine tour

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