Grand start in Japan! General offering start of “Passion Mining” service anyone can mining cryptocurrency!

〜Signed a mining management contract with BitPoint, a listed company’s affiliate〜

Starting from February 5, 2018, Passion Progress Limited (Headquarters: Kowloon, Hong Kong, President: Tatsunori Furukawa) has been offering full service of “Passion Mining”. A service that can be used as a mining machine owner and mining cryptocurrency.


【Service Introduction URL】


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Before that, Passion Progress Limited entrusted consignment contracts for operations related to the operation and management related to mining machines trading and mining system(※1) with cryptocurrency exchanger Bitpoint Japan Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Remix Point Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 3825) and GFA Corporation (Securities code : 8783), a subsidiary of GFA Capital Co., Ltd.,.


(※1) Content on business alliance

Mining factory


■Mining factory  About “Passion Mining “

It is a service that can entrust the selection, maintenance and maintenance of mining machines all together. The mining machine can be selected from GPU type and ASIC type(※2) , and a guarantee period of up to 3 years is established. There is a mining factory in the country where the electricity cost is inexpensive compared with Japan, and Japanese staff are also in the local factory. Because it is possible to outsource everything, it is a big feature that anyone can start with a PC or a smartphone.

(※2) ASIC type mining machine which OEM produced for the first time in Japanese capital.Mining machine (photo on the left) ASIC type (photo on the right) GPU type

Mining machine


■Future prospects

Construction of a mining factory in various regions, mining using immersion cooling technology, etc. are planned.

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