We are widely deploying services related to mining and encryption currency technology, such as maintenance management of mining machines and sales of mining machines.


We operate five mining factories in Sichuan Province of China and two in Yunnan Province with more than 6,000 machines. A mining factory is also planned in Scandinavia and Japan. We are also selling mining machines and we have relationships with overseas business partners, so we can purchase even some scarcity machine.


We are also selling mining machines and we have relationships with overseas business partners, so we can purchase even some scarcity machine.


ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is beginning to be drawing attention as a totally new funding method. We also undertake consultation on ICO introduction method etc. for businesses who wish to raise funds through ICO.


A block chain that can be said as innovation that changes the world. We are developing with the aim of making the foundation for the future that will be applied not only to the world of cryptographic currencies but also to distribution and intellectual property management.

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Near future

Currently, our company is concentrating on the following things and making daily efforts to develop business with a sense of speed.
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Currently, we are making daily efforts to stably procure the latest mining machines.

At the same time, we are planning to construct a mining factory in various countries and regions where electricity is cheap.

We also conduct research and development so that supercomputers using liquid immersion technology can be introduced into mining. By using liquid immersion technology, you can move mining machines with energy saving, and if you use a supercomputer, you can perform a large amount of computation efficiently.

  • -Procurement of the latest mining machine-

  • -Developed in other countries-

  • -Immersion-

  • Supercomputer


Cryptographic currency and block chain technology, which has attracted attention all over the world and is called the revolution next to the Internet. We have branch offices around the world, we will contribute to the spread and development of cryptographic currency by applying the global fast speed technology as the crypto currency at the forefront and developing services.


There is a head office of Passion Progress Limited in Hong Kong.


There is an activity base in Tokyo in Japan.


There is a mining factory in Yunnan Province of China.


There is a mining factory in Sichuan Province of China.


There is an activity base in London, England.


We are preparing to make branch offices in Singapore.


I am preparing to make a branch office in Shenzhen City, China.


We are preparing to set up a branch office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

machines & factory

It is a gallery of machines such as mining factory and GPU operated by our company.

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